Every word I write is love, knowledge of my soul's mind expressing truth.- Me

Monday, October 25, 2010

Lying With Lonely

She cries herself to sleep at night.

Knowing living this way just isn't right.

She knows she's not the girl she used to be-

But her soul cries out, wanting to be free.

Once upon a time she dreamed of a man coming to her rescue on a big white horse-

But that is just a fairy tale, of course.

All she ever wanted was an honorable man, someone strong-

Who would tell her his arms was where she belonged.

A man to kiss her, hug her, hold her tight-

Instead of making her feel lonely every night.

Her pillow, soaking wet with tears-

Only points out her heart's worst fears.

That man she dreamed of long ago-

Has since turned into someone she doesn't know.

The moon catches a tear as it shines through the glass-

Illuminating the hurts of the past.

She pulls the covers up over her heart-

Knowing that with her dreams she must part.

If only, if only to die from a broken heart-

Maybe then, in another life, she would get a brand new start.

Lying in bed with a stranger only makes you blue-

For all those dreams, that didn't come true.

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