Every word I write is love, knowledge of my soul's mind expressing truth.- Me

Friday, July 30, 2010

With Love, Dear One

Look up, my dear one, and gaze upon the heavens.

So beautiful, so endless.

How miraculous, the ever-changing but un-changed sky.

Many times in this life you will come along those who wish to change you- do not let them.

The sun does not stop shining just because someone wants it to.

So must you follow, not allowing others to change the beauty that is within you.

Stay true to your heart, my dear one, no matter how many times it may break.

Unrest will always be a factor in this life, but that is ok, because without it, we can not grow.

You have been given the most precious gift, that of an eternal life.

Take it with care, my dear one.

Nurture it well so that it grows beyond all boundaries.

Look up at the heavens, my dear one, and know that your soul shines with the brightness of the sun.

If you let your truth and love guide you, you will always be flying with the grace of the angels.

So close your eyes, my dear one, and let your soul take flight to places beyond this world where you will always have the promise of never-ending love.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

In the Shadows

In the middle of the night I find myself outside.

The ground is damp but I pay it no mind as I lean back and stare up at the ink blank sky.

Stars twinkle at me from their home in the heavens and I start to feel small compared to the rest of the universe.

It's not hard to feel that way; small and insignificant, I mean.

My whole life I've spent my time just getting by.

I've always kept my head down, doing what was expected of me and becoming someone unmemorable in the process.

I will never be one of those people you read about in the history books that did something grand for the sake of the human race.

My life after I'm gone will hardly cause a blip.

I spend my days schlepping through the trenches of life, just trying to do the best I can with what little faith I've got.

This shell of skin I inherit is a lemon I'd rather trade in for a prettier model.

Most times I can't even look at myself in the mirror, so disgusted I am at the way my body and face have grown into something I no longer recognize.

It's not easy going through life knowing you're insignificant in the grand scheme of things.

What I wouldn't give to be a star.

No one expects it to do anything grand but to shine at night along with all the other stars.

If only.

The sound of crickets serenading the creatures of the night brings my back to reality.

It's back to the world where I fade into the shadows to finish off my lonely existence.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Heart Of A Poet: Untitled- Written by Alicia Tags

Heart Of A Poet: Untitled- Written by Alicia Tags: "I stand alone in the silent night, with only the sound of my breathing to keep me company. The moon is a bright shining orb in the blacken..."

Untitled- Written by Alicia Tags

I stand alone in the silent night, with only the sound of my breathing to keep me company.

The moon is a bright shining orb in the blackened sky, watching over us all.

The crisp air stings my nostrils as little puffs of air escape from them as if I were smoking like the stack of a freight train.

The waters of the marsh stand still tonight.

The cattails stand alert, ready to dip at the slightest breath of air.

The night casts its silver reflection over them and I gaze up at the star-soaked sky.

I enjoy this quiet beauty while it is mine alone to hold.

Somewhere a solitary bird cries and I find myself looking into the trees, looking for it without success.

With delight, as I look through the trees, and if I turn my head just so, it looks as if some stars are hung to the tree limbs like small sparkling lights.

I find myself thanking God for the treasure he has given me, knowing that for the rest of my days I will remember what I've seen here.

Maybe if I'm lucky, when I'm gone, my soul will choose to come back to this place and my light can shine on the branches like the stars have for countless ages and more to come.