Every word I write is love, knowledge of my soul's mind expressing truth.- Me

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Losing Myself

The misty fog surrounding my thoughts seems to have become a permanent fixture.

Pain and sadness swirl around in dizzying eddies up there- dancing merrily in each others' company.

The pain seeps into my body, like blood slowly dripping down a wall- consuming what's underneath.

So much so until there's nothing left but the faint memory of a healthy body and conscience.

Sadness creeps in behind the pain.

Like a decaying stench, it covers everything.

I feel hollow inside and the starkness of my features reveals this truth.

Like a rose deprived of moisture, I shrivel and shrink into myself.

The sunlight is warm on my skin but all it does is dry me up inside where I start to crumble with every whisper of the spring wind.

Even the stars, which so often have brought me peace, have lost their charm on me.

There they shine, unaffected by my tears, my sorrows.

It angers me because no one seems to understand my pain, the fears I have to live with inside my heart.

My heart aches, no longer filled with hopes and promises.

Slowly and quietly I reach for Sadness' hand and walk with it into the dark abyss.

Too tired to fight, too tired to care, I disappear into the darkened recesses of my mind- lost for always.

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