Every word I write is love, knowledge of my soul's mind expressing truth.- Me

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Cherry Blossom Angel

Alone in the darkness I stand.

I inhale deeply and the scent of earth after a good rain invades my senses.

Looking up, the domed veil of blackness is alight with thousands of glittering orbs.

Full and luminescent the moon shines tonight.

I look down into the valley and smile to myself when I hear the hint of the rushing river down below.

The limbs of the cherry trees around me dance a slow tune with the breeze.

In the silence i hear the voice of an angel.

My eyes close- dare I hope?

I turn, and there he stands, as if Nature's music lead him to me.

Slowly he comes closer until he's but a breath away.

Sure this is an angel, for the moon's light has given him a white halo.

His voice is soft and deep as he whispers my name.

I reach out slowly and touch the smooth sheen of his golden cheek.

Soft as an angels' feathers.

Bright blue eyes reach out to me and I drown in their depths.

His strong arms surround me and my knees weaken.

Leaning in to me, his lips touch mine, softly clinging as if even they know we are meant to be one.

The wind picks up and I look up and laugh as thousands of pink cherry blossom petals fall toward us.

The alluring aroma swirls around us like tendrils of hair flowing in the wind.

My breath catches when I look into your eyes and see love shining there.

"Fly with me," he whispers as his lips touch mine once more.

Up I go, into the light and wonder he makes for me.

Into forever we go, with cherry blossom petals and sparkling stars to guide us.

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