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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Untitled- Written by Alicia Tags

I stand alone in the silent night, with only the sound of my breathing to keep me company.

The moon is a bright shining orb in the blackened sky, watching over us all.

The crisp air stings my nostrils as little puffs of air escape from them as if I were smoking like the stack of a freight train.

The waters of the marsh stand still tonight.

The cattails stand alert, ready to dip at the slightest breath of air.

The night casts its silver reflection over them and I gaze up at the star-soaked sky.

I enjoy this quiet beauty while it is mine alone to hold.

Somewhere a solitary bird cries and I find myself looking into the trees, looking for it without success.

With delight, as I look through the trees, and if I turn my head just so, it looks as if some stars are hung to the tree limbs like small sparkling lights.

I find myself thanking God for the treasure he has given me, knowing that for the rest of my days I will remember what I've seen here.

Maybe if I'm lucky, when I'm gone, my soul will choose to come back to this place and my light can shine on the branches like the stars have for countless ages and more to come.

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  1. I read this, this morning but for some odd reason wasn't able to sign in.. uuggh .. anyhow. Just wanted to mention you do a real good job bringing the reader into the your magical place. Hard to do I think because this could've gone either way. The description could've had the feel of eerieness, a bit spooky. But instead it felt tranquil and peaceful Which is what I think you were going for. =D It also made me think of Edwards special meadow in Twilight.

    Nice job. Thanks for sharing! Look forward to reading more!